Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher Repair 

Having a dishwasher spares us all a lot of time in the kitchen. Its simple, throw the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, push button, and walk off expecting everything to function and come back to empty out your clean spotless dishes. But what happens when it doesn’t turn out the simple. When your dishwasher cycle doesn’t function, or your dishes don’t get properly cleaned? When this happens you should look into dishwasher repair. A dishwasher could run into a variety of different problems at Appliance Geeks Marietta we fix all dishwasher issues!

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* Dishwasher is running more loudly than normal 
* Dishwasher is leaking
* Dishwasher display is not working
* Dishwasher is not receiving the water it needs
* Cycle gets interrupted, before the end
* Dish racks are broken
* Dishwasher smells foul
* Draining problems
* Spray arm not rotating
* Food left stuck to your dishes after a cleaning cycle
* Dishes not dry after complete cycle
* Unit is not working at all 

Not matter what your dishwashers repair needs are, it is important to get it fixed by a professional.
All our dishwasher repair technicians are certified, trained and experienced with all dishwasher models and brands.

> GE

> Maytag

> Whirlpool

> Kenmore

> Samsung

> Fisher & Paykel 

> Monogram

> Thermador

> Bosch 

and many more…… 

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Dishwasher FAQ’s 

Which detergent type is better, liquid gel or powder? 

Powdered detergents are most recommended because sometimes gels don’t perform as well. We’ve also found that prominent brands are better than generic ones.

Does the inside of my dishwasher need to be cleaned?

It depends. If you use the dishwasher at least twice a week, you don’t need to clean the inside. Otherwise, if it begins to get moldy inside or if the residual water at the bottom of the dishwasher smells bad. So to avoid that put detergent in the soap dish and run the dishwasher empty, through a complete cycle.

Do I have to rinse my dishes before washing them?

Not usually. Most dishwashers handle the normal food residue left on dishes after eating, if you first scrape the dishes to remove any larger bits of food. But if anything is burned, melted, or stuck to the dishes, rinse and scrape them well, before you put them into the dishwasher. Leaving some residue is actually better, because the protein in the food reacts with the soap for more-effective cleaning.


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