Oven Repair

Are you in the mood to cook an amazing dinner for your family but your oven hasn’t been cooking food evenly lately? Do you want to bake cookies for your kids but your oven is not heating? Your oven needs assistance! Don’t go wasting your money purchasing a new oven right away. And worse yet, don’t try to fix your oven yourself. You don’t need to worry Appliance Geeks Marietta, GA offer the best oven repair services around! You’ll be serving your favorite dish again in no time!
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Our other location is: 30 S Park Sq NE Marietta, GA 30060
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Whatever oven problem you might have, we repair all oven malfunctions. 
* Defective oven wiring 
* Oven heating element stop working
* Oven self clean not working
* Oven temperature is not calibrated
* Oven bakes food unevenly
* Temperature on your burner won’t change
* Oven timer broken
* Oven door doesn’t close correctly
* Sparking
* Oven lamp not working
* Oven dangerously hot! 
* Oven broiling element not working correctly  
* Oven shut down completely 

Our oven repair technicians are up for the job not matter what oven issue you have. At Appliance Geeks Marietta we are not limited by the brand of your oven either.
and many more…… 

We are always the #1 go to repair company in Marietta Georgia! 
SAME DAY oven repair Marietta services
FREE Estimate with oven repair
All our technicians are certified, trained, and experienced. 
Live Friendly Operators

So if you live in or near any of the cities listed below, call Appliance Geeks Marietta for all your oven repair needs: (678) 666-1486 or at (404) 602-0992
Marietta GA - Cobb County GA - Fulton County GA - Kennesaw GA - Atlanta GA - Powder Springs GA - Sandy Springs GA - Smyrna GA -
Mountain Park, Dunwoody, Lithia Springs, North Atlanta, Chamblee, Doraville 
Kearns,Tuxedo Estates, Powell Station, Marietta Mobile Home Park, Arbor Forest, Lamplighter Village Mobile Home Park 

Oven FAQ’s 

My oven won’t heat to the proper temperature. Why?

There are 2 possibilities, either the Thermostat is broken or the heating element is gone.  If the heating light comes on when the oven is turned on, which would normally indicate the oven is not yet up to temperature, the element is gone.

Why does my oven smell so much during self-cleaning?

Ovens reach extremely high temperatures during the self-clean cycle, in order to burn off the grease, food splattering, and drippings inside the oven. When all of that burns, it can smell pretty bad. Make sure you have good ventilation in the room where the oven when using the self-cleaning feature.

Should I leave the oven door open when broiling?

Maybe. Many ovens have the broiler built into the oven near the top. If this is true for your unit, it may be best to leave the oven door open a few inches. If the broiler is at the bottom then you can leave the door closed.


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