Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator Repair

Having an inoperative refrigerator can be very pricy, and money is not something all of us can afford to waste. A dysfunctional fridge can not only cause foods to go to waste, but it can also increase the amount of your electric bill unnecessarily. If you live in Marietta area, you can count on Appliance Geeks Marietta for your refrigerator repair needs.
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* Refrigerator running very loudly
* Refrigerator is leaking
* Freezer section completely frozen
* Fridge/Freezer not keeping cold enough temperatures
* Fresh food section not kept at optimal temperature
* Refrigerator section is too cold! and freezing foods
* Light in unit stopped functioning
* Unit completely shut down

No matter what your refrigerator problem is,
we are always the #1 go to repair company in Marietta Georgia! 

You might just need to replace a couple filters to keep your refrigerator/freezer running smoothly, or chances are it might be something more serious. So rather than getting rid of your unit all together, give us a call and save your money for other things, like the food that will go into your refrigerator after we repair your fridge. It may be tempting to try fixing your appliance yourself, but keep in mind that expert refrigerator repair technicians wil save you time and avoid unnecessary hazards. 

Your refrigerator is an investment and deserves to be treated with care, Appliance Geeks Marietta will respect your home and refrigerator the proper way. 

For SAME DAY refrigerator repair Marietta Call us Now :  (678) 666-1486 or at (404) 602-0992
Free Estimate with any refrigerator repair, or freezer repair
We also repair ice makers, wine coolers, ice boxes and commercial refrigeration. 

Refrigerator/ Freezer FAQ’s 

Can I put a refrigerator/freezer out in my garage?

Yes. But, if the refrigerator is self-defrosting, don’t let the garage temperature drop to much below 50 degrees F. Because then the oil becomes thick and causes premature compressor failure.

How much clearance do I need behind my fridge?

If there is no grid on the back, you may push the unit all the way to the wall. If the fridge has a large black, grid-like device on the back, you should leave at least 1 inch of space between the grid and the wall, and avoid building-in the appliance.

Is that normal for my refrigerator to run constantly?

It’s generally not normal. If your refrigerator/freezer runs constantly you may have a dirty condenser coil, bad seal on one of the doors, a light bulb that is not going off when the door is closed, excessive frost build-up on the internal evaporator coils, a defective thermostat, or not have adequate clearance around the appliance for proper air flow. 

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