Washer Repair

Washer Repair 

Washing machines are a luxury many of us take for granted, until they break down. When your washer breaks down and you dread going to the next door laundromat:
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We understand that many different things can go wrong with your washing machine. Appliance Geeks Mariettafixes all washer problems.

We understand how important it is for you to get your dirty clothes clean, fast. Thats why at Appliance Geeks Marietta we offer same day washer repair services.

While some people just rush out to buy a new unit, many of us have more limited means and cannot afford a brand new washer. So instead of geting a new washing machine, let us repair your old one and get it to work like new again.


* Leaking washer
* Washing machine not draining
* Washer is not spinning
* Washer agitation mechanism not working
* Washer making strange noises
* Washing machine out of balance
* Washer not filling up with water
* Spin cycle not effectively draining clothes
* The washer is over flowing
* Washer pump broken
* Problem with temperature of rinse cycle
* Washing Machine not working at all 

We offer SAME DAY washing machine repair Marietta services. 
Free Estimate with complete washer repair. 
Our live operators will schedule you in for a convient appointment. 
And our experienced technicians can handle whatever washer brand or model: 

and many more…. 

If you live in or near Marietta of any of the cities listed below, call Appliance Geeks Marietta for all you washer repair needs.
(404) 602-0992 or at (678) 666-1486 
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Smyrna, Kennesaw, Mableton, Powder Springs
Clay Homes, Fort Hill Homes, Marietta PLace Homes, Whitlock, Oackton, Elizabeth

Washer FAQ’s 

Does my washer need to be level?

Yes. It’s important for washers to be level in order for them to operate properly.

Which detergent is best?

All modern detergents work well. Detergents that produce low suds are best for front-loading washers. 

Where does the lint go from my washer?

You manually clean if your washer doesn’t have a lint filter, or the lint goes down the drain. 


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